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hindu-christian-forum 2The Hindu-Christian Forum (HCF) came into existence in 2002, following initial meetings in September 2000 and March 2001. It was constituted first as the Hindu-Christian Dialogue Group-UK at a meeting on 3rd November 2002, and then as the Hindu-Christian Forum by the end of 2003.

A great deal of hard work went into formulating the best objectives and work programme for the Forum. A Goodwill Statement on the topic of conversion was agreed, and meetings were held two to three times a year, alternating between London and Leicester, and between Hindu and Christian venues. These meetings also included a day conference in Birmingham in July 2005, on the topic of suffering…

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    The 2015 General Election has provided some fascinating insights in the relationship between faith and voting pattersn. A post-election survey conducted by Survation for the integration and migration think tank ‘British Future’ found that up to a million ethnic minority votes helped put David Cameron into Downing Street. Over 2,000 people of ethnic minority origin were interviewed across Britain between 8 and 14 May 2015. The Labour Party ...
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    • Archbishop of Canterbury 60 x 60

      We must ensure that the important work that the HCF has highlighted continues to flourish

      —Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

    • Ramesh Pattni

      Interfaith relationships really begin in meeting the 'Other' in person and sharing and reflecting on moments of our lives and experiences together Read More ...

      —Ramesh Pattni

    • pacifist-71445_640 web

      All the religions of the world, while they may differ in other respects, unitedly proclaim that nothing lives in this world but truth

      —Mahatma Gandhi

    • His Grace Sruti Dharma Das,

      Beyond our dress, language, rituals and religious traditions there are human beings with the highest ideals and aspirations to love Read More ...

      —His Grace Sruti Dharma Das President at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    • HCF

      Inter-religous relations are not just about healing that which is damaged or broken, but very much about rejoicing in a mutual exploration of the Read More ...

      —Bridges and Barrier Report

    • Bridges and Barriers to Hindu Christian Relations

      Inter faith needs to be perceived as an inspiring cultural and spiritual resource, not merely as a social duty Read More ...

      —Bridges and Barrier Report

    • Revd Richard Atkinson

      As Hindus and Christians we celebrate the gift of faith in our society, and a well on which individuals and communities as a Read More ...

      —Rt Revd Richard Atkinson, OBE

    • Gulshan Grover

      It is only through honest and open dialogue that we can all get along together peacefully Read More ...

      —Gulshan Grover, Actor

    • Rowan Williams

      "The conversation of interfaith dialogue is always one where we look eagerly and expectantly for enrichment. We're not playing for victory" Read More ...

      —Rowan Williams – Archbishop of Canterbury, 2002 – 2012

    • Dr Jessica Frazier

      The aim will be to develop a Forum that is rooted in mutual respect and honest encounter, where the harder issues and questions can be Read More ...

      —Dr Jessica Frazier